Tuesday 22 October 2019

Armchair Travelling by Postcard

I have found a new way of armchair travelling.  A website called Postcrossing.com has revived an old tradition, the postcard.  I am enjoying it.

Someone once gave me a travel-writing tip, “Send yourself a postcard”.  When I am abroad, I buy a postcard.  I write a message recording my immediate impressions of a place, address it to myself at home and post it.  I always sign off with “Wish you were here”.  It is a delight to receive the postcard when I get home.  It reminds me of my first reactions to a place and the “Wish you were here” is strangely pleasing.

 But, back to my discovery, Postcrossing.com.  It is simple and free to sign up.  You upload your address and a little information about yourself to the site.  You have an initial allowance of five postcards to send.  

It’s best then to buy a small supply of postcards of your home town and some stamps, £1.35 is standard airmail postage for cards in the United Kingdom. Then you say you would like to send a postcard. You will be given a name and address and a reference number.

Send off a few postcards.  When they reach your correspondents, they register the number on the site.  You will be told it has arrived and there is often a short message of thanks.

Most importantly, registration triggers the site to give your address to someone else and soon you will receive a nice postcard from somewhere random in the World.Here is a diagram from the site showing how it all works.

I have been on the site for a couple of months and already I have a collection of colourful and interesting cards.

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